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AK82 Template - Since 2005

Standardized Data Tracking and reporting Template

||   Download Sample AK82 Template  ||

Amber tab  - Data or Input or Source data copy paste

Blue tab   - Dashboard or Summary

Maroon tab - Pivot table

Green tab  - Radio button , Form buttons etc.. + dashboard

Grey    - Configuration table, all named values, data references, data validation list values

Cell - Yellow - Input

Cell - Grey
- Formula

Helper_Key column - Formula -   Grey Color used as a helper column to generate dashboard

Excel sheet tab names must have _ (Underscore) instead of Space
Eg:  Summary_Cars

Column Headers must have _ (Underscore) instead of Space
Eg:Car_Model, Helper_Column

Why:   This workbook is scalable to a database (Just takes 7 minutes average)
           to convert from .xls to database format(Access,SQL,Oracle)
Tip:   Use Database Import function