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Types of Charts ***Page under construction
Column     Bar     Line     Pie 
Area     Scatter     Other Charts     More Chart Types 

Charts are the easiest way to display data Graphically , demonstrate data relationship between series and visualize data conceptually Microsoft Excel provides powerful and easy ways to display data in charts

Charts shortcut keys

Shortcut  Alt+F1 - Shortcut to create Chart in the same sheet
Shortcut  F11 -shortcut to create chart in a new chart sheet.

Call out 1 The chart area of the chart.
Call out 2 The plot area of the chart.
Call out 3 The data points of the data series that are plotted in the chart.
Call out 4 The horizontal (category) and vertical (value) axis along which the data is plotted in the chart.
Call out 5 The legend of the chart.
Call out 6 A chart and axis title that you can use in the chart.
Call out 7 A data label that you can use to identify the details of a data point in a data series.

Story of Charts - What type of chart to create for the data you have